Issa Asad Signature 499s Phone

Issa Asad Signature Florida 499s Phone

Issa Asad

  • 2,70000

The Issa Asad Signature 499s Phone measures 7.87 Inches in length, 1.97 Inches in width and 4.7 Inches in height with a shipping weight of 1 pound. Issa Asad Signature Florida 499s Phone is a dual SIM card phone with an unlocked, jail-broken service. It comes in a range of colors including black, black white and white. In terms of GSM, the phone supports a range of strength ranging from 850MHz to 1900MHz and 850/2100 MHZ in WCDMA.

The phone system has the following specifications:

  • Android operating system of 4.2
  • CPU of 1.3GHz
  • A read only memory (ROM) of 16GB

The phone has a capacitive touch screen with a display size of 5.0 Inches and a QHD resolution of 960 pixels by 540pixels. It has a screen color of 160K which gives users the best view especially when going through photos or videos.

The Issa Asad Signature 499s Phone supports a wide range of formats such as polyphonic and MP3 ringtones, videos formats including MPEG4 and 3GP.

Other formats that are supported by the phone include audio files such as MP3, WAV, AWB and AMR. With earphones you can be able to listen to FM radio stations. It has a card extension support of up to 32 GB for your storage.

Connectivity and Data Transfer

The Issa Asad Signature 499s Phone is enabled and can move files through USB and Bluetooth connections. On the other hand, the phone supports WIFI and WAP internet services which make it an important device to work with in this era of technology.


The phone is fitted with dual cameras that is the front and the back camera where the front camera has 5.0MP and the back camera of 8.0MP. In addition it has a flashlight which is convenient when taking photos or videos when it is dark. The auto-focus in the camera is important when taking still photos and even videos as it helps in getting best images.


The phone supports many languages which is advantageous as it can be used anywhere in the world. For keeping contacts, the phone has a capacity of up to 500 slots which is a good number for keeping family and friends contacts.

Battery and Other Features

The Issa Asad Signature 499s Phone’s battery has a standby time of approximately two to three days which is quite a long time for even heavy phone users. Other features that the phone has include a multi-touch that is a five point touch, a play store (for all your applications), 2.0 Bluetooth, an eBook, wallpapers, calculators, calendar, email and a clock among others.

Included Accessories

The phone comes with a number of accessories such as an 1800mAh battery, a USB cable, user manual which is in English, a charger and a 3.5 mm earphone.


  • Wi-Fi is very good
  • It has plenty of storage space for your photos, videos and applications
  • Calls are very clear
  • The speed of the phone is good


The Issa Asad Signature 499s Phone does not allow you to send videos since there is a limit of 300K through MMS.