Issa Asad Sheridan Florida 786s Phone

Issa Asad Sheridan Florida 786s Phone

Issa Asad

  • 2,50000

Issa Asad’s phones are known for producing affordable phones with competitive features. His smartphones are the first with interchangeable batteries, extending the life of their phones. So when you need a new phone, Issa Asad is the first place you should look.

One of his newest smart devices, the Issa Asad Sheridan Florida 786s Phone, will catch your attention not just because of its Snapdragon CPU, stunning camera and convenient built in apps, but because of this completely unique quality: it comes with two batteries.

The Systems

The Issa Asad Sheridan 786s Phone runs on Android Jelly Bean. That is not what makes it so powerful though. This smartphone also runs a Qualcomm quad core Snapdragon CPU. Snapdragon is unique because it keeps the modem for cell communication on-die. This means it does not require a separate external cellular modem on the Printed Circuit Board.

The GPU, Adreno203, is likewise impressive. These work together to keep the Thrill 400Qx running fast, even with multiple apps going at the same time. With speeds up to 1.2 GHz you will never lag on your games, or more importantly, while doing business on your browser.

The Pre-Installed Apps

The Issa Asad Sheridan 786s Phone will come ready to use and more. It is equipped with Bluetooth so that you can use it hands free in your car on the way to work. The GPS is accurate and does not glitch. The phone is even able to create hot spots, so that you can provide Internet service for other people around you. It is a very convenient feature to have.

You can change the language on your phone to German, Spanish, French, Greek, Russia, or one of several others. It's very helpful for when you are using Skype to talk to your family member that may live overseas.

Another neat feature is the fact that Google Play is already installed on the phone. Most of the apps you will need, like an FM radio for your workouts, are already on the phone but if there is anything else you need it is just a search away. Google Play has literally thousands of apps that you can download with just one touch.

The Camera

The camera is 5-8 pixels depending on which settings you put it at, and auto focuses itself so you do not need to worry about the details. The Issa Asad Sheridan 786s Phone will make every picture look professionally taken.

The phone comes with 4GB of internal memory, and a slot to expand it with a micro SD card.

The Aesthetics

The phone looks amazing. When you first take it out of the box, you will be impressed to see the two batteries, and the way they change the phone. One battery is larger and has more power. If you are going on a trip, you use it to be sure your camera can record memories all day long. The second battery is smaller, and combining it with the second phone case makes your Issa Asad Sheridan 786s Phone sleeker.