Issa Asad Florida Q Link Smart Watch

Issa Asad

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While the size of smartphone screens keep becoming bigger and bigger with time, the phrase "the bigger the better" may not really apply to all smartphone users because some people prefer to have their phones small, maybe even the size of a watch! The Issa Asad FloridaQ Link Smart Watch is the perfect phone for such individuals.

Being the size of an average watch, this device boasts of most of the functions a regular smartphone can perform. This includes making phone calls, wiring text messages and emails, playing videos, transferring data via Bluetooth 4.0, accessing Google PlayStore, clicking away with the camera, using Wi-Fi and so on.

Running Applications

Just because the size of this smartphone is similar to that of a watch doesn't mean that it is not going to be as smart as regular smartphones. In fact, apps run very smoothly here on the smart watch and there are no glitches at all owing to the presence of the Dual Core CPU. It is hard to believe that a device of this size can fit in a powerful CPU into it.

The Issa Asad QLink Smart Watch is preloaded with apps on the home screen to help the user get started with the smart watch's features. Of course, one can customize these apps as per one's preferences and usage.

Perfect Size

Smart watches like these are good purchases because they would not take up any pocket space at all. You simply need to snap it onto your wrist and you will be able to take it comfortably with you wherever you go. Thus, you can bid 'adieu' to leaving your cell phone at home or misplacing it!

Phone Features

Great things come in small packages—this smart watch is definitely a testimonial to it. This watch-like device features:

  • 1.54 inch touch screen
  • Android 4.0 operating system
  • 1 GHz dual core CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4 GB worth storage space
  • GPS and Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3 megapixel camera

The Issa Asad Q Link Smart Watch comes with two ports: a Micro USB port and a Micro SIM card slot. The battery life of the Android smart watch "V strike" is very good, it can actually last for a whole day with moderate usage.


The best thing about the Issa Asad Q Link Smart Watch would probably have to be its weight, which is just 73 grams. It is hard to believe that something so small and light is capable of performing so many functions and offering so many features! Also, the watch is great to look at, it comes with a sleek black strap and stainless steel accents.


This is one of the most useful and user-friendly smart watches available in the market these days. It even comes with a lot of shortcuts. For instance, with a quick swipe one can dial the number of any contacts on the phonebook. Also, the watch has a shortcut for activating the camera to take a picture or to record a video. The watch also comes with a stylus pen for more precise operations.

All in all, considering the price factor, the Issa Asad Florida Q Link Smart Watch is a worthwhile purchase.