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About Issa Asad Phone

Issa Asad Phone is a top online mobile phone retailer dedicated to being one of the most respected and trusted e-commerce store on the Internet. Issa Asad Phone is owned by Miami entrepreneur Issa Asad, who is one of the foremost and esteemed telecommunications and technology entrepreneurs in the country.

Issa Asad continuously achieves his shop’s goals by providing a first-rate experience, fast shipping times and personal customer service. Issa Asad Phone has some of the most desired mobile phones on the market and earns the affinity of both mobile phone fans and everyday shoppers.

At Issa Asad Phone, we believe that customer service starts immediately when customers visit our website. “We treat every customer service inquiry as if it were a 911 call,” said Asad. Furthermore, Issa Asad offers customers the right resources for their mobile phone shopping experience, including thorough product information, detailed reviews and high-resolution product photos.

Issa Asad understands that the telecommunications and mobile phone industries are always changing. That’s why at Issa Asad Phone, new products are always added according to industry trends and new technologies. Every phone is tested, reviewed and checked against Issa Asad’s strict formula for high-quality products. We offer our customers peace of mind that they will always receive phones that are cutting-edge and at an excellent value.

We’ve devoted ourselves to certifying everyone has a positive experience at Issa Asad Phone. We believe that exceeding customer’s expectations at every site visit is the secret to our success.


Leadership – About Issa Asad

In 1996, entrepreneur and senior sales executive, Issa Asad, joined the telecommunications industry. At the time, Issa Asad was the owner, developer and operator of several convenience stores and gas stations located across Florida and New York. Asad was considered a convenience store pioneer and innovator, and was the first to implement fast food service into station operations.

Issa Asad introduced prepaid phone cards in his stores after recognizing their potential. In the late 1990s, the prepaid phone market emerged, and Asad knew that the long-term profitability in the industry was electronic delivery systems. In 2000, Asad, along with Reliable Telecard and I-Prepay Inc. developed an immediate PIN distribution system for electronic prepaid phone products. By the age of 30, Asad established a multi-hundred million dollar a year industry.

Now, Issa Asad solely works within the technology industries; whether he is increasing sales or developing ground-breaking products, Issa Asad is completely involved in his efforts. Currently, Issa Asad is the CEO of two companies located in Dania, Florida: Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC. He is also a blog owner and author of several books about social media and e-commerce marketing, available for free on Amazon.

In 2014, Issa Asad established Issa Asad Phone as a way to offer top-quality mobile phone products and innovative telecommunications solutions. Issa Asad Phone strives to uphold Issa Asad’s belief that inventive products and great customer service is the key to telecom success.