Issa Asad Davie 100x Phone

Issa Asad

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If you are looking for a sleek and better smartphone, yet price friendly, the Issa Asad phone company has it: Issa Asad Davie 100x Phone. The KitKat smartphone compromises between its strengths and power, bringing you a balanced blend of unmatched experience. It's no wonder before it got launched, the gadget had earned attention from a considerable number of customers. Just what's the magic?

Incredibly Thin

The Issa Asad Davie 100x Phone is one of the sleekest and thinnest phone in the market. At just about 5.8mm, the slender body does give a sumptuous design, just in lieu with the gadget's stellar performance. But the incredible combination of powerful hardware is what thrills more. Yet, cooler enough, all of that is only 126g. It couldn't be lighter!

Screen Size

The smartphone's capacitive screen does speak for itself. You want to know that the glass panel is covered in a thin film of metal oxide on the exterior. Speaking of which, it is resistant to the slightest of damages. The 5.0 inch IPS Screen gives a razor-sharp high definition. The crystal-clear display is sure to give a stunning view. Of course, watching movies on phone should come in handy.

Operating System and Specifications

The Issa Asad Davie Florida 100x Phone is in-built with the latest operating system. How about optimizing your phone with Android 4.4 (Kit Kat)? Of course, multitasking could only get handier. In fact, all you need to do is relax, and let the phone work for you.

A combination of MTK6582 Quad Core GHz CPU with a 1GB RAM would not disappoint when it comes to speed and memory. Still, the phone does support TF card up to 32GB. As if it is not enough, you could download uncountable games and apps on it.

If you love taking pictures, this phone has your best interests at heart. The Issa Asad Davie 100x Phone comes with a terrific dual camera, 2.0MP front and 8.0MP back, allowing you to capture the most stunning photos and videos.

As well, it really shouldn't be a problem using twin SIMs on the Issa Asad Davie Florida 100x Phone. The Dual SIM Standby system lets you choose which SIM you want to use prior to making a phone call. Equally noteworthy, the gadget does come with a 1950mAh battery storage; while the thing might be small, you well could purchase a battery backup to help mend the ribbon.

Other Features

Among other functions, the Issa Asad Davie 100x Phone supports Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, Google Play Store, Multilanguage and Gesture Sensor.

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