Issa Asad Shows You How to Use Your Cell Phone for Business

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Issa Asad Shows You How to Use Your Cell Phone for Business

For home based business owners and recent entrepreneurs, one of the biggest concerns is cutting expenses. After all, you need to cut down wherever possible in the starting stages of a business. One of them most effective ways of doing this is to use your cell phone as your business line. This saves the cost of buying new telephone equipment, allowing you to spend the money elsewhere.

“It also gives you the chance to maintain a completely open line of business with customers,” said Issa Asad, owner of Issa Asad Phone and CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC, located in Dania, Florida.

Most startup owners don’t have a proper office like setup, and you will probably find yourself at different locations throughout the day. So using a number where you can be reached at all times only makes more sense.

With these following tips, Issa Asad shows you how to use your cell phone for business.

  1. Get a professional voice mail greeting made for your business:

Keep in mind that you have to use this same number for both personal and business calls. So it can be tempting to use a default greeting that seems to go fine for either purpose. “But this is a rookie mistake,” according to Issa Asad. “Make sure that your greeting is always in the name of your company.”

The advantage with this is that it gives a more serious vibe. Especially in the starting stages, it is very important to show clients that you are capable of doing a professional job. And the first step is by appearing professional. Of course, most of your personal callers will know that you are running a business, so they will be completely unaffected by it.

  1. Use a friendly, consistent tone while answering the phone:

Here again there is a slight conflict between business and personal needs. Obviously you will not talk to your best friend and professional client in the same way. But if you pick up your friend’s call and answer in a business-like manner, the worst thing that can happen is some light ribbing. But imagine the consequences of starting off your business conversation with a “Hey dude! Whatsup?” So always maintain a lightly formal business like tone while answering calls to prevent any faux pas. Also make it a point to have a standard greeting.

  1. If you won’t be able to talk, then don’t pick up the call:

While it is okay to pick up your friend’s call anywhere, the same can’t be said for a professional client. “So it is best to not pick up the call and create an awkward situation,” says Issa Asad. Just let the voice mail get to it, and once you concentrate on the call, then it is fine to get back to it. This way you will be more focused during your conversation. After all you need to completely alert during these calls or you might miss out on some detail.

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