Issa Asad Recommends these 5 Cell Phone Apps for Parents

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Issa Asad Recommends these 5 Cell Phone Apps for Parents

Advancement in technology has enabled kids to get mobile phones with full features such as web access, cameras, emails and various apps. Cell phones can help your child grow socially and also understand news-related things.

However, if your kids are really behaving differently, then you should start monitoring their mobile phone. According to Issa Asad, there are various ways parents can monitor how their children use mobile phones. Having been in the telecommunication industry for decades, Issa Asad says that cyber bullying is “mainly caused by failure by the parents control kids mobile usage.”

Furthermore, children with mobile phones without parental control can access websites and content that can hinder their academic performance, social life and may put their life at risk. Issa Asad recommends these 5 cell phone apps for parents to use right now.

  1. mSpy

mSpy is a powerful cell phone spying software that is compatible with various devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets and other devices. mSpy is very easy to use, you only need to download and install on your kids phone. mSpy offers full package of cell phone spying features which include:

  • Call log - the app allows you record all call details including time, duration and the most frequently called numbers.
  • SMS - it will remotely record the incoming and sent messages.
  • Access to phone - with mSpy, you will view all the saved contacts.
  • GPS location - if you want to monitor your kids’ location, this is definitely the app for you.
  • Access - mSpy will also give you access to emails, gallery and installed apps.
  1. Highster Mobile

This is a very powerful cell phone app ideal for parents who want to monitor their kids. Highster Mobile app can confidentially record incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, emails and pictures. The best part with this app is that your kids will never know if you are spying on them.

With Highster Mobile app, you can block you kid from using the phone. For example, you can set the time your kid will surf and also remotely switch off the phone.

  1. Spyrix

Spyrix is a very powerful mobile phone tracking app that can monitor calls, messages and pictures. The GPS feature enables parents to precisely know the location of their kids in real time. Once installed, the app will transfer information to your private account which you can access using your phone or PC.

  1. FlexiSpy

This is another very popular mobile app among parents. FlexiSpy will transfer all the information on your kids’ phones in real time. All the information will be sent to your account, so you can access information anytime.

  1. Refog

With Refog mobile phone spyware app, you can monitor text messages, emails, pictures, visited websites and phone calls. The best part with Refog is that it is available in different languages. It can also translate calls, emails and messages into the language of your choice.

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